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Our Wills and Contested Probate Lawyers specialise in all litigation matters relating to wills and the administration of deceased estates in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. If you need legal advice on how to challenge a will or unfair inheritance, call our obligation-free helpline or complete the online contact form.

Grant of Probate

When a person dies, somebody needs to act as the representative of their estate, distributing their assets to any persons entitled to them. The process usually involves the Executor(s) named in the will, applying for a Grant of Probate. The Supreme Court of Victoria has exclusive jurisdiction in Victoria in administering deceased estates and appointing executors or administrators. All applications must be filed at the Probate Office, Level 2, 436 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. If you wish to challenge probate you should seek the advice of an expert solicitor as soon as possible.

Valid Wills

If there is a valid will, the Executor(s) of the Will can apply for a Grant of Probate. If however, the named Executor cannot or will not apply for a Grant of Probate, an application can be made by another person for Letters of Administration with the Will Annexed. The validity of a will is something that needs to be proven. A will can be challenged on the basis that it is invalid.

No Will

If the deceased person has not left a will behind, the Supreme Court issues a Grant of Letters of Administration. This grant is usually made to the next of kin such as a spouse or a child. Inheritance disputes may arise when there is no will.

Challenging an Unfair Will

Sometimes a will can be challenged. This usually happens when a dependent of the deceased has been left out of the will or has been left insufficient inheritance. If you wish to challenge an unfair will or defend a will that is being challenged you really should seek advice from an estate litigation lawyer. Our Melbourne Will Dispute Solicitors represent clients in contested will litigation. Time limits apply in probate and litigation matters, so do not delay in seeking legal advice. For obligation-free legal advice, call our helpline.

Will Dispute Legal Advice

Our specialist Melbourne lawyers handle will dispute matters throughout Victoria. Most will dispute cases are handled on a No Win No Fee basis. No matter your location in Victoria, call our toll free helpline. We have acted on behalf of clients throughout Melbourne including Brunswick, St Albans, Narre Warren, Oakleigh, Dandenong, Richmond, Footscray, Caulfield, St Kilda, Coburg, Fitzroy, Broadmeadows, Flemington, Yarra, Southbank, Collingwood, Box Hill, Port Phillip, and regional areas of Victoria.

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Legal Advice Helpline: ☎ 1800 339 958


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